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Create More Peace and
Balance in Your Life


I'm a therapist who specializes in working with

women and adolescent girls

You're stressed about your life or your teen daughter's life.

If you're an adult woman, you may be unhappy, depressed, or consumed with anxiety. You may have career or work concerns, suffered from trauma or be concerned that you don't have a healthy relationship.

If you're the parent of a teen girl, you may know that teenagers often experience a lot of stress as they approach adulthood. Depression, anxiety, unsatisfying and troubled relationships are common.

If you're looking for counseling for yourself or your teen daughter, you're certainly not alone – counseling can help.

Counseling for Anxiety and Depression

  • You worry all the time

  • You can't stop your self-critical thoughts

  • You have panic attacks – your heart races, and you have trouble breathing

  • You feel apathetic, unmotivated, and maybe hopeless - you're depressed

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It's likely you resonate with some of the issues below:

Counseling for

Relationship Problems

  • You're grieving a relationship break-up

  • Your relationship is conflicted and stressful

  • You want a healthy relationship but don't know how 

  • You're afraid of having a relationship due to a painful relationship history

Counseling for Teens

  • Your teenager is anxious or depressed

  • Your teen is angry and hostile

  • You're frustrated because your teen doesn't listen

  • You're at your wit's end; you don't know what to do anymore

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Friends with Devices

Counseling for Asian Americans and Culturally diverse clients

  • You're feeling like you “don’t fit in.

  • You're new to Washington state or United states.

  • You're feeling injustice, and not being treated equally.

  • You have the felt pressure to live up to  you're family's expectation.

I'm a compassionate and skilled therapist who 

is passionate about helping women and teen girls

have more rewarding lives.

Hi, I'm Aline.


I'm an empathic and skilled counselor who listens deeply to my clients' concerns, needs, and desires.

I offer a safe and nonjudgmental space to work collaboratively with my clients customizing my approach for each unique client. My evidence based psychotherapy methods address the mind, body, and soul.


I care deeply about your success in therapy and will dedicate myself to helping you and your teen (15+) find the best ways to overcome your struggles so you can feel peaceful.

As an Asian therapist who have lived in several different countries and cultures, I understand how it feels to acclimate into cultural experiences and I'm sensitive to clients from various cultural backgrounds.


My counseling services are intersectional - I take into account that many of my clients experience discrimination and oppression due to their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, and other forms of discrimination. 


I take into all these aspects of their lives when working with them to achieve their goals.


 The Benefits of Counseling for You

  • Connect deeper with yourself and experiencing the freedom to be yourself

  • A more positive mood that enables you to have more energy

  • Your mind is calmer and more at peace

  • Greater self-acceptance and feelings of security

  • Your work or career life has improved

  • You're more fulfilled in relationships

  • You feel more optimistic about your life

The Benefits of Counseling for Your Adolescents

  • Increased confidence and feelings of self-worth

  • More satisfying relationships

  • Listens better, creating an improved relationship with you and others

  • Improved mood and less fretting about things they can't control

  • More cooperative at school, at home, and with peers

  • You have peace of mind knowing your teen is doing well.

I know that you may feel discouraged right now.


I'm committed to helping you feel peace and joy in life.

With your commitment and my skills, support, and encouragement,

I'm confident we can get to where you wish to be.


Contact me

for a free 15-minute phone consultation.  Together, we can discuss how I can help you with your concerns. 

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*If this is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention &Crisis Lifeline at 988

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