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Counseling Can Help Your Teens Thrive

You can sleep peacefully knowing that your teenager is happy and doing well…

When your teen is struggling, your stress and worry can be all-consuming. 


The world is sometimes not a friendly place for adolescents. The societal pressures can be enormous.


The pressures they face along with the normal physical changes of adolescence can cause stress and angst for teens and leave parents feeling helpless.


Recent studies have shown that rates of depression and anxiety for teens can be as high as 33%.


With these rates, it's not surprising that you're concerned about your teenagers.

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Some things you may be saying:

  • My teen is anxious much of the time.

  • My child is sad, lonely, or depressed.

  • My daughter lacks confidence in herself.

  • "My daughter is' acting out" (e.g., not listening/being defiant or aggressive, stealing, or abusing substances)

  • My child has intense emotions, especially anger.

  • I'm concerned my teenager may have panic attack.

  • My teen has problems with her peers (e.g., doesn't fit in, is being bullied, hangs out with the 'wrong' crowd, etc.)

  • My daughter has experienced a traumatic event (e.g., been physically or emotionally assaulted).

  • I'm worried about the people my daughter dates.

Your teens can overcome her problems at home, at school, and with her peers…
I Can Help Your Teenager Navigate the Challenges of Youth, Become More Focused, Self-Assured, and Engage in Healthy and Productive Behaviors

As a counselor who delights in working with teenagers, I use highly effective counseling approaches that are suitable and effective with teens.

I treat teens with empathy and respect. I'm non-judgmental of any of their feelings, thoughts, or behaviors.

I aim to listen to your teen's concerns, needs, and desires, so they find therapy helpful and meaningful. My intention is to facilitate your teen's growth and maturity in the best possible way.

It's important that your teenager is empowered to develop her own voice so that she develops self-trust and self-confidence.

However, if there is an issue that needs to addressing with you as her parent, we'll ask for your teen's cooperation first to respect her needs and privacy.

Imagine your teen...


Feeling more secure and confident.


Doing well academically in school.


Having positive and fulfilling peer and dating relationships.


Being more cooperative at home and listening better.


Having more stable moods. They are happier and calmer.


Expressing a more positive attitude about life.



Imagine yourself…


Feeling more relaxed and at ease knowing your child is doing well.


Having more energy to focus on other important aspects of your life.


Feeling happy that your connection with your child is solid.


Being proud of your teens - their maturity and poise as they enters adulthood.


Feeling at peace that there is more harmony in your family. 

Yes, it's possible to have a teen who is thriving – even if you're skeptical right now.

As a teen counselor, I'm passionate about helping your teenager become happier, more confident, and secure.

I know you might be discouraged right now, but counseling can help.

I'd love to assist your teenagers in reaching their full potential.

Contact me  for free 15-minute phone consultation.

You can tell me about your challenges with your teen, and I'll let you know how I can help.

I'd also be delighted to speak to your daughter and answer any of her questions or concerns.

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