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Aline Zelenskiy


Hi, my name is Issaree Zelenskiy, and I go by Aline (pronounce a-leen). I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA) in the state of Washington and the owner of Deep Compassion Counseling.

On Becoming a Therapist: Fulfilling My Heart

I was inspired to become a therapist due to my passion about self-discovery, emotional healing and my natural desire to help guiding people through darkness. 

As a fellow human, I too have faced challenging times in my life, i.e. dealing with anxiety, generational trauma, and relationship issue. I know how it feels to be heard, seen and supported during these trying moments. It's vital to have a trustworthy companion by your side, guiding you through your healing journey, and I aspire to be that person for you.

Becoming a therapist has brought great meaning and purpose to my life. I’m honored to help people overcome their problems to live their best lives.

Personal Passions

Outside of my therapy practice, I enjoy yoga, exploring nature, traveling, drinking boba tea and spending time with my family.

Why Work with Me: My Strengths

Deeply Caring and Compassionate
The foundation of my work is based on Deep Compassion. To make significant changes in therapy, it’s essential that you experience a deep empathy from your therapist. I create a safe space for you to be seen, heard, and supported as you make the changes you want in your life. 

Culturally Sensitive
I was born in Thailand and lived in the United Kingdom and Barcelona
 before moving to the United States to pursue my calling in Psychotherapy. Being immersed in different cultures expanded my understanding of people and my worldview. It’s deepened my understanding that the quality of relationships with ourselves and others is vital for our development and growth.

Flexible and Adaptable
I tailor my approach to fit your specific needs and desires. I’m open-minded and willing to help you explore new ways of being. You'll always choose the issues you want to work on and the goals you want to achieve.

Grounded and Centered
For over 20 years, I’ve practiced mindfulness and meditation. It is a core part of my self-care activities that helps me slow down, decompress, and achieve inner peace. My practice enables me to stay focused and calm during my work
, helping to ensure you receive the best possible care.

A Commitment to Counseling and to Helping You

I'm passionate about my work and dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible life. As a lifelong learner, I stay abreast of new research and practices in therapy. You can be assured that you’re receiving the most up-to-date approaches and methods.

Encourage Self-Sufficiency
My wish is to help you achieve your goals in therapy as promptly as possible. I'll help you strive to be self-sufficient so you can move on from counseling when ready.

My Mission as a Therapist

I've learned to love and be compassionate with myself on a deep level. Since self-love is the foundation of having positive and loving relationships with others, my goal is to assist you in experiencing the same.


When you genuinely experience self-compassion and love, you can more easily make the changes you want to improve your life. You can have peace in your mind, heart, body, and soul where you have healthy relationships and a meaningful and rewarding life.


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA), License #MC61176245.

  • Northwest University, M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Somatic Experiencing Beginning III (for Trauma healing)

  • Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing for the BIPOC population

  • Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) Level 1

  • Lifespan Integration- Level 1

  • Gottman Couples Therapy Level 1,2 Training

  • Certified SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Assessment Facilitator 

  • Working with Traumatized Adolescents Training

  • Certified Inner Peace Mentor of MMI (Middle Way Meditation Institute)

  • Certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator 

“The privilege of being yourself is that
you have the freedom to change and grow.”

― Carl Jung

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