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Calm Your Mind to Create a More Peaceful Life

Counseling can bring lasting relief from anxiety and depression…

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Some things you may be saying:


•  I feel apathetic about my life. I don't have the energy or motivation to do anything. 

•  I have a constant feeling of sadness or grief. I can't shake it off.

•   I'm constantly worried about what others think of me.

•   I'm always comparing myself to others.

•   I feel worthless and unlovable.

•   My thinking is foggy – I have trouble remembering and focusing on things.

•    I'm restless and edgy. My sleep is poor. I worry when I go to bed, and I worry in the morning. The worrying never ends!

•    I have panic attacks where I feel like I can't breathe, and my heart pounds.

•    I've been trying to overcome anxiety or depression for years to no avail!

You can get relief from anxiety or depression.
You don't have to continue to struggle….

 Therapy Can Help You Feel More Centered, Joyful, and at Peace with Yourself and Others

If you have anxiety, depression, or both, you're certainly not alone.


AND, it's not your fault if you do!

The rates of people struggling with anxiety and depression have skyrocketed in recent years.


If you have anxiety, your mind may be consumed by negative, critical thoughts you can't control.


If you feel depressed, you may feel numb. Life may feel meaningless.


Both anxiety and depression can be exhausting and discouraging. They can rob you of having a fulfilling life.


You can feel helpless and even hopeless if you haven't been able to overcome these mental health issues.


The good news is that it IS possible to bring peace to your mind and improve your mood.

You CAN feel good about yourself and find life pleasurable and meaningful.

I'm a compassionate counselor who wholeheartedly commits to helping you improve your mental health. 

I use leading research-backed treatment methods that are known to help people get relief from anxiety or depression.

These approaches help you be more accepting of your emotions and yourself and enable you to gain insight and clarity about what you want from life.

These methods help bring a quiet calm to your life. They can boost your self-esteem and bring greater meaning and harmony into your life.

You can develop an inner strength that you might not know you had. You can feel newfound freedom that expands your perception of what's possible and opens up opportunities you could never have imagined.

Image by Darius Bashar

Imagine …


Liking yourself for who you are. You feel secure, confident, and loveable.


Having the energy and motivation to engage in activities you had long given up on.


Possessing a more positive mindset. You awaken each day, eager to get on with your day.


Experiencing a flow in life that feels natural and easy.


Enjoying meaningful and fulfilling relationships.


Being excited about the future that awaits you.


You deserve a life that is enjoyable and fulfilling.

I'd love to help you discover more serenity, joy, and meaning.

Contact me  for free 15-minute phone consultation.

You can tell me about your struggles with anxiety or depression, and we'll discuss how I can best help.

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